Day 3 of WJMC

My fellow correspondents and I started off the day with a trip to National Geographic‘s headquarters and received an excellent speech from their head editor, Susan Goldberg. The information she gave us was eye-opening and taught me multiple things about the different formats of media that they share news to their viewers with.

Goldberg taught us that there are 5 principles to story telling. This list includes: make a difference, do what others can’t, be part of the conversation, act urgently, and know who you are. I feel as if this is a good list on how to keep your audience interested in what you say and why it is important.

The next speaker of the day was Brian Lamb, executive chairman of C-SPAN. He took a different approach on his teaching. He asked us the questions. The other correspondents and I have been asking questions to our speakers since Sunday so it was a different experience for us to be asked. I feel as though this helped me by knowing how the people I interview (hopefully) feel to be asked questions they may not expect.

Right after Lamb, Jamie Smith, Global Chief Communications Officer, got her chance to speak to us. She mainly focused on informing us on how she got to the position she is in. She taught me that in the early part of our career we need to follow the person not the job. In other words, we need to find someone to look up to. Smith informed us she practically stalked the person she wanted to work for and ended up getting the job.

Our next opportunity of the day was being able to take a photo with the white house and getting to tour the National Mall. I loved being able to see these things that I have only been able to see in photographs. It is for sure something I will remember.

Everyday I say this and I mean it more and more each day. I can’t wait to see what I will learn at WJMC tomorrow.


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