Day 2 of WJMC

DSCN0544Today at WJMC, the other correspondents and I were able to visit the Newseum. Words cannot explain (especially right now due to sleep deprivation) how amazing this experience was. There was so much information in the 6 small floors.


My color group started the trip off with the 4D movie that the museum shows. It showed how reporting has changed and challenges reporters have had since the Revolutionary War. It also talked about Nellie Bly and her story to show the truth behind a women’s insane asylum. After the movie we also got to see a piece of the Berlin Wall that the museum has on display and even a tower of it. It’s the only tower from the Berlin Wall in the U.S.


The next stop on the tour was the 6th floor where you could walk onto a balcony that you could even see the Capital from. The view was absolutely breathtaking. Inside on level 6 there was a section of magazines through the woodstock and the music that was released through that time.

I also enjoyed that on a lower level there was old time like newspapers. I’m not for sure what draws me to them, but I absolutely adore old newspapers. On the same level it gave a history of 1776 comic book style.


On the next floor, there was an election area where you could voice your opinion on the 2016 election and see how the rest of the country did too. You also had the option of taking a quiz that told you which candidate your views matched with the most. It was also the floor that the 9/11 newspapers and a piece of the building was displayed.

This is always such a touching part of history that makes me teary-eyed every time I read or hear about it. They play a video of the reporters who did not run from the danger of the skyscrapers, but ran towards it. This shows just how brave one needs to be to in this line of work and I hope to have the courage just as the ones in the video and many others before me displayed.

The next part of our day is when we were lucky enough to go and visit the National Press Building. This is where we got to hear a political panel and Terry Anderson speak. I learned in their presentations that as reports we need to be ready. Ready to learn quickly and just being prepared for the unexpected. In Anderson’s speech I learned that you don’t need to like a person to interview them. As journalists we need to learn to put our biased opinions aside and do our job which is give America, or even the World, the truth of what is going on and why they should care about it.

Today I feel as if I have learned things that I will carry for the rest of my life and I am grateful for this opportunity to get to be here at George Mason and attend the WJMC. I am excited to see what the rest of the week has in store.

“Journalists find and tell the truth.” ~Terry Anderson


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