My day started at 3 this morning so I could catch my 5:20 flight. I arrived at the airport at 4 and was faced by a huge line of people to check-in and in the security. Nothing to worry about right? Just a little line and I’ll be at my gate in no time. The lines weren’t slow, but they weren’t quite fast enough. I made it to my gate just barely in time to catch my plane. The flight went smoothly, but it was running late. I went straight from landing in Atlanta straight onto the plane of my next flight to D.C.

Once I landed in D.C., Michael and I found each other in the airport and soon started to find others from the conference and started meeting people. Eventually, we found multiple people from the group chat that we have been running since February. Everyone I have met have been so friendly towards me and everyone here.

Around 1:30, everyone who had arrived at the airport had gotten on a bus and we started our journey to GMU. The bus dropped us off and we all went as a group to check-in and put our luggage into our rooms. Then, we all went to the Hub. That is where I was able to meet Anthony, my color group advisor, and Sam, my junior faculty advisor. I also met a few more members of my color group and a few more people from my group chat.

Soon we had to change for dinner and to listen to our speaker, David Culver. The food was great and our speaker was even better. He for sure showed us how great this conference is and how much we will learn during it. David taught me today that it’s okay if everything doesn’t go to plan. His was nothing like he had planned, but he still ended up exactly where he wanted to be.

After David’s speech, my color group and I had a group meeting where we played a game to learn about each other and a teaching time. We learned about how our image affects us in future jobs and learned and wrote elevator pitches.

All in all, I would have to say this day has been a great experience and I am beyond ready to continue this learning experience tomorrow.



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