Predicted Trends for Summer 2016

As we all may know, trends from the past continually have been making reappearances. For example, the fanny pack has recently come back into style, so much so that even name brands such as PINK have started selling these miniature backpacks. For this summer, I have a feeling that more blasts from the past will be coming back into play as the summer heats up.

My first prediction is that the scrunchie will be making a comeback and a big one at that. These hair ties make pulling your hair up for a project fast and simple or you can go further into your hairstyle for the day and even add a scrunchie to a bun. Stores like Forever 21 have already started putting black ones on their selves, but my gut is telling me it won’t be long until we see these suckers in different designs and bright colors and not just attached to gymnastics uniforms.

My second prediction, a not so wanted one, is tan lines. With it being so warm already this year, tan lines are for sure inevitable. Since most teenagers are still in school, they’re not wearing tank tops, short shorts or swimsuits yet, leading to the strong and terrible tan lines. Some students already look as if they have ombréd their arms and legs instead of their hair. Watch out for the summer of the tan and white.

My third prediction is that the high-waisted swimsuits will be making a gigantic comeback. At this rate, anyone who is anyone will have this type of swimsuit bottoms by the end of the summer. Even runways have already started walking models down with the high-waisted swimwear look. This is one look that I believe will stay in style for at least 2 years.

So now for the real question, if these trends come back, what will be next? Will the big hair from the 80s be back? Or maybe even the leg warmers? No one can be for sure what the next trend will be for our culture today, we have glitter eyebrows and rainbow eyelashes. I guess we will have to wait and see what the future holds for us in the fashion area of our lives today.


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