Day 3 of WJMC

My fellow correspondents and I started off the day with a trip to National Geographic‘s headquarters and received an excellent speech from their head editor, Susan Goldberg. The information she gave us was eye-opening and taught me multiple things about the different formats of media that they share news to their viewers with.

Goldberg taught us that there are 5 principles to story telling. This list includes: make a difference, do what others can’t, be part of the conversation, act urgently, and know who you are. I feel as if this is a good list on how to keep your audience interested in what you say and why it is important.

The next speaker of the day was Brian Lamb, executive chairman of C-SPAN. He took a different approach on his teaching. He asked us the questions. The other correspondents and I have been asking questions to our speakers since Sunday so it was a different experience for us to be asked. I feel as though this helped me by knowing how the people I interview (hopefully) feel to be asked questions they may not expect.

Right after Lamb, Jamie Smith, Global Chief Communications Officer, got her chance to speak to us. She mainly focused on informing us on how she got to the position she is in. She taught me that in the early part of our career we need to follow the person not the job. In other words, we need to find someone to look up to. Smith informed us she practically stalked the person she wanted to work for and ended up getting the job.

Our next opportunity of the day was being able to take a photo with the white house and getting to tour the National Mall. I loved being able to see these things that I have only been able to see in photographs. It is for sure something I will remember.

Everyday I say this and I mean it more and more each day. I can’t wait to see what I will learn at WJMC tomorrow.


Day 2 of WJMC

DSCN0544Today at WJMC, the other correspondents and I were able to visit the Newseum. Words cannot explain (especially right now due to sleep deprivation) how amazing this experience was. There was so much information in the 6 small floors.


My color group started the trip off with the 4D movie that the museum shows. It showed how reporting has changed and challenges reporters have had since the Revolutionary War. It also talked about Nellie Bly and her story to show the truth behind a women’s insane asylum. After the movie we also got to see a piece of the Berlin Wall that the museum has on display and even a tower of it. It’s the only tower from the Berlin Wall in the U.S.


The next stop on the tour was the 6th floor where you could walk onto a balcony that you could even see the Capital from. The view was absolutely breathtaking. Inside on level 6 there was a section of magazines through the woodstock and the music that was released through that time.

I also enjoyed that on a lower level there was old time like newspapers. I’m not for sure what draws me to them, but I absolutely adore old newspapers. On the same level it gave a history of 1776 comic book style.


On the next floor, there was an election area where you could voice your opinion on the 2016 election and see how the rest of the country did too. You also had the option of taking a quiz that told you which candidate your views matched with the most. It was also the floor that the 9/11 newspapers and a piece of the building was displayed.

This is always such a touching part of history that makes me teary-eyed every time I read or hear about it. They play a video of the reporters who did not run from the danger of the skyscrapers, but ran towards it. This shows just how brave one needs to be to in this line of work and I hope to have the courage just as the ones in the video and many others before me displayed.

The next part of our day is when we were lucky enough to go and visit the National Press Building. This is where we got to hear a political panel and Terry Anderson speak. I learned in their presentations that as reports we need to be ready. Ready to learn quickly and just being prepared for the unexpected. In Anderson’s speech I learned that you don’t need to like a person to interview them. As journalists we need to learn to put our biased opinions aside and do our job which is give America, or even the World, the truth of what is going on and why they should care about it.

Today I feel as if I have learned things that I will carry for the rest of my life and I am grateful for this opportunity to get to be here at George Mason and attend the WJMC. I am excited to see what the rest of the week has in store.

“Journalists find and tell the truth.” ~Terry Anderson


My day started at 3 this morning so I could catch my 5:20 flight. I arrived at the airport at 4 and was faced by a huge line of people to check-in and in the security. Nothing to worry about right? Just a little line and I’ll be at my gate in no time. The lines weren’t slow, but they weren’t quite fast enough. I made it to my gate just barely in time to catch my plane. The flight went smoothly, but it was running late. I went straight from landing in Atlanta straight onto the plane of my next flight to D.C.

Once I landed in D.C., Michael and I found each other in the airport and soon started to find others from the conference and started meeting people. Eventually, we found multiple people from the group chat that we have been running since February. Everyone I have met have been so friendly towards me and everyone here.

Around 1:30, everyone who had arrived at the airport had gotten on a bus and we started our journey to GMU. The bus dropped us off and we all went as a group to check-in and put our luggage into our rooms. Then, we all went to the Hub. That is where I was able to meet Anthony, my color group advisor, and Sam, my junior faculty advisor. I also met a few more members of my color group and a few more people from my group chat.

Soon we had to change for dinner and to listen to our speaker, David Culver. The food was great and our speaker was even better. He for sure showed us how great this conference is and how much we will learn during it. David taught me today that it’s okay if everything doesn’t go to plan. His was nothing like he had planned, but he still ended up exactly where he wanted to be.

After David’s speech, my color group and I had a group meeting where we played a game to learn about each other and a teaching time. We learned about how our image affects us in future jobs and learned and wrote elevator pitches.

All in all, I would have to say this day has been a great experience and I am beyond ready to continue this learning experience tomorrow.


Predicted Trends for Summer 2016

As we all may know, trends from the past continually have been making reappearances. For example, the fanny pack has recently come back into style, so much so that even name brands such as PINK have started selling these miniature backpacks. For this summer, I have a feeling that more blasts from the past will be coming back into play as the summer heats up.

My first prediction is that the scrunchie will be making a comeback and a big one at that. These hair ties make pulling your hair up for a project fast and simple or you can go further into your hairstyle for the day and even add a scrunchie to a bun. Stores like Forever 21 have already started putting black ones on their selves, but my gut is telling me it won’t be long until we see these suckers in different designs and bright colors and not just attached to gymnastics uniforms.

My second prediction, a not so wanted one, is tan lines. With it being so warm already this year, tan lines are for sure inevitable. Since most teenagers are still in school, they’re not wearing tank tops, short shorts or swimsuits yet, leading to the strong and terrible tan lines. Some students already look as if they have ombréd their arms and legs instead of their hair. Watch out for the summer of the tan and white.

My third prediction is that the high-waisted swimsuits will be making a gigantic comeback. At this rate, anyone who is anyone will have this type of swimsuit bottoms by the end of the summer. Even runways have already started walking models down with the high-waisted swimwear look. This is one look that I believe will stay in style for at least 2 years.

So now for the real question, if these trends come back, what will be next? Will the big hair from the 80s be back? Or maybe even the leg warmers? No one can be for sure what the next trend will be for our culture today, we have glitter eyebrows and rainbow eyelashes. I guess we will have to wait and see what the future holds for us in the fashion area of our lives today.